Over 30 Years of Excellence in Language Communication Services



About Language Resources

Over 30 Years of Excellence in Language Communication Services

From its inception, our philosophy has been to offer our clients language services of superior quality, equal to or surpassing international standards of professionalism. Our clients are virtually all repeat customers, who regard us as their one-stop provider of language services. Since 1981, Language Resources has been providing a variety of quality language services including:

  • 9186313279Training in English for Business and Technology, and Intercultural Awareness for company employees throughout Japan
  • cubitoradialJapanese Language and Intercultural Training for ex-pats and their families - (250) 228-3728 for details
  • (832) 626-1377Professional Teacher Training Courses (8637124697)
  • 9104242377Overseas study programs in the U.K., U.S.A., Australia, etc. - contact us for details
  • 4152353575Technical translation from and into English, Japanese, Chinese and many other languages in the fields of Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Computers, the Environment etc.
  • Professional consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services for business meetings, plant tours, conferences etc.
  • 503-237-5922Copy editing and rewriting of academic and scientific papers
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